Tips to Paint Your Garage Faster & Better!

When you take a minute to look at the garage floor, you might be disgusted with what you finally notice. Oftentimes, we don’t even realize how badly we need to come up with a solution for something as simple as garage flooring. Especially in cases where you’re already planning a garage remodeling project, now would be the perfect time to start considering flooring options. This article will take you step by step so you can paint your garage floor and improve it in just a few hours!

  1. Choose your paint- First and foremost, pick which type of paint you want to buy. There are two options, either latex or epoxy. Latex is cheaper but epoxy will last you much longer, so weigh out the pros and cons first.
  2. Clean the floor- This is really important for painting the floor because the paint will collect dirt, leaving you worse off than before you started. Clear out the garage completely and be sure to properly wash the floor. It’s recommended to use a pressure washer to help get rid of residues left behind from oils and various spills.
  3. Fill in with concrete- Before painting, you want to be sure to fill in the cracks and holes in your garage floors with concrete. This will help even out the surface, create a safer garage setting, and your project will look better at the end.
  4. Primer- As if you were painting walls in your home, it’s a good idea to layer the floor with a primer first. This is especially important for concrete so that the paint sticks better to the surface.
  5. Get painting- Depending on the type of paint you purchased, the number of coats you’ll need will vary. With epoxy, you’ll need apply two coats. After you finish your coats, make sure to avoid walking on the garage floor for at least 24 hours!

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